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Bakewell Chelsea Buns – my Christmas present to you

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I make no bones about the shortness of this. I had such grand designs for sorting this post out , but just like the programme, my vision hasn’t been matched by the hard currency of time, which I lack. This … Continue reading


Maple Syrup Lebkuchen…and my letter to Santa

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Dear Santa, It has been a quite a while since I last wrote – about 40 years to be exact, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. Except when it comes to presents, and then they should be just what … Continue reading


Cumin and Potato Stottie, Vegetable Lecso- revenge of the root vegetables

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I am chided by my veg box. In a week when food poverty  and a growth in the consumption of processed foods is highlighted as on the increase, I am feeling guilty by the mound of vegetables I’ve failed to get through … Continue reading


Why bother making Christmas Cake?

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“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there”. (LP Hartley, The Go-Between) Well actually I’d like to challenge that. And I’m going to raise the stakes with an argument for home made Christmas cake. Ian Jack  reviewed the … Continue reading


Elvis Bars for Election Week: Peanut Butter and Jelly slices

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Elvis famously voted with his stomach. He would however have recognised the manic criss crossing of the US by the candidates chasing votes as he famously flew 1000 miles by private jet in search of a peanut butter and jelly … Continue reading


Can you go back to savoury now? Cheese and onion muffins

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Well so far this blog may not have stretched you enough as a reader. Isn’t it time to challenge your prejudices, shatter some misconceptions and as David Brent would say to ‘think out of the box’ a bit? What I’m … Continue reading


Bake Off Confidential – bittersweet adventures in a TV show

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Don’t get me wrong: I gained a huge amount from the Bake Off experience and I cook every day I’m at home and still love to bake. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account of how … Continue reading